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Privacy-preserving machine learning and analytics.

Inpher’s Secret Computing® products enable data scientists and analysts to unlock sensitive data for their functions and machine learning models without ever exposing or transferring the underlying sensitive data in the process.

Don’t choose between data privacy and data usability — you can finally have both!

Secret Computing® explained.

“We need a way to compliantly, securely, and privately compute on distributed data without moving it… We pioneered Secret Computing® to solve this problem.”

Watch Inpher CEO and Cofounder Dr. Jordan Brandt explain the power of Secret Computing® and its industry applications today.


Never expose or transfer your sensitive data while you compute on it.

Secret Computing® enables privacy-preserving machine learning and analytics via secure multiparty computation and other privacy-preserving techniques, which keep data encrypted while it is processed.

With Secret Computing®, data scientists power advanced analytics and AI applications on distributed data sources without ever exposing or transferring sensitive data across departments, organizations, or jurisdictions. During the computation, Secret Computing® ensures that data privacy and security are retained in accordance with your organization’s privacy requirements. (Yes, it’s GDPR compliant.)

Secret Computing® has brought years of academic research in secure multiparty computation and other privacy-preserving techniques —like fully homomorphic encryption— into commercially-ready applications that organizations are using in production today.

“Advances in data science and cryptography mean that we no longer have to accept the traditional tradeoff between security, privacy and usability when handling data of any kind. Inpher is at the vanguard of this revolution.

— Samik Chandarana, Head of Data Analytics, CIB, J.P. Morgan

(From WSJ article JPMorgan Invests in Startup Tech That Analyzes Encrypted Data)

How global companies leverage Secret Computing® in production today.

Some of the world’s largest financial services, technology, and manufacturing companies leverage Secret Computing® products to:

+ Securely share data-driven insights

+ Build privacy-compliant machine learning models on distributed data sources

+ Migrate to zero-knowledge cloud computing

+ Monetize insights without giving away the data

+ Facilitate secure data sharing in inter-organizational partnerships

Privacy preserving machine learning technology

Industry Applications


Post Quantum Data Security.

Secret Computing® is built with quantum-safe cryptographic primitives and protocols for future-proof data security. Don’t risk your data assets with antiquated algorithms that only defend against classical attacks.


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